Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Regional workshops - professional development

We are asking for feedback from educators as to the type of professional staff development they need, and will be seeking, this school year. We have a wonderful curriculum design workshop, Designing the 21st Century Classroom, in which you will learn the strategies to design and deliver a unit of curriculum for a 21st century student. This workshop is being offered in Los Angeles in October, and in Seattle and New York City in November.

See our entire schedule of regional workshops online, and let us have some feedback from you on what you want this year!

Other workshops include:
  • Service Learning - Academics in Action
  • After School Programs for the 21st Century Student
  • Smaller Learning Communities
  • Want a Million Dollars for Your School? - Go Get It, Here's How! a workshop on how to fund your dream school or project
  • iKids - Multimedia and Technologies in the Classroom
  • The Global Classroom
  • Green Education
  • The Arts - Bringing Creativity Back into the Classroom
  • Classroom Management and Student Motivation
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Brain-Based Learning
  • Multiple Literacies - it's now just the 3 R's any more!
  • Teaching Students How to Think

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